Services, Pampering & Rates

«   Daily fly spray
       - supplied by Paradise Acres, unless owner requests a specific brand,
          and then we will bill the owner at our cost to purchase.

«   Blankets, Fly Sheets and Fly Masks put on and removed.

«   Health checks done twice per day.

«   Horses brushed and feet cleaned a minimum of twice per week.

«   Paradise Acres will supply and administer rotational wormer based on the    
     findings of each horse's individual fecal count analysis.  Fecal Count Tests will be paid
     for by Paradise Acres.

«   Ferrier trimming is on an as-needed basis, and is included in the monthly
      board.  We prefer that your horse have its shoes removed prior to, or upon
      arriving at, Paradise Acres to ensure the safety of the other horses.  Our
      soft grassy pastures are perfect for horses going barefoot for the first time. 
      Front shoes are allowed for horses who require them for medical needs.

«   Free access to mineral and salt blocks.

«   Owner supplied supplements fed.

«   Fresh well water supplied via automatic watering system.

«   Electrolytes supplied daily during the hotter days of Summer.

«    Blankets, fly sheets and fly masks washed as needed.  Your blankets will be
     maintained, washed and will be taken for repairs, as needed, and stored
     in individual trunks over the summer.  Blanket washing will be paid for by
     Paradise Acres, repairs will be billed at my cost.

«   Horses are  fed our own fresh, farm raised grass hay.  Grass hay is available 24/7 in each stall.  Alfalfa
     is also available and will be fed as an added source of nutrition, should your horse have
     problems maintaining his weight.  Since the price of Alfalfa has sky rocketed this last year,
     any alfalfa fed to a special needs horse will be billed to the owner at my cost.

«  We perform minor first aid and apply topical medications. For minor cuts
     and scrapes, topical medications are supplied and administered by Paradise
     Acres at no additional charge.  More severe, or long-term injuries, will be
     assessed by a certified equine veterinarian (vet visit & assessment will be
     billed directly to owner) and the cost to purchase additional medications,
     supplies or bandages will be billed to the owner at my cost. 

«  Vaccinations are given twice each year by a licensed equine veterinarian.
     The cost of the vaccines, teeth floating (if necessary) and any other necessary
     vet treated items will  be billed to you directly from the equine veterinarian.   

«  When the unfortunate time comes for your equine to leave us for that big beautiful
     pasture in the sky, we will arrange for euthanasia to take place in one of our
     beautiful pastures (away from the other horses) and we will be there with your
     horse to comfort him.  If you can not be there during this very difficult time, you can
     rest assured knowing that he will be affectionately smothered in kisses and kind
     words to get him over the Rainbow Bridge.   The call fee and all charges associated
     with the euthanasia process will be billed directly to you by our equine
     veterinarian.  Paradise Acres will not charge you for making arrangements or for
     being there to hold and comfort your horse.  It is our way of telling your best friend
     "thank you." 

«  Monthly status reports sent with current pictures of your horse.

Our Morning Routine

«   Horses are brought in and fed owner supplied supplements mixed with moistened EGM Pellets. 
     All daily supplements, treats and supplemental feedings will be done in individual 12x12 stalls to
     ensure the safety of each horse and to ensure that each horse has consumed their supplements
     before being turned back out into their pasture.  Horses who do not need supplements are also fed
     moistened EGM Pellets so everyone gets a treat.

«  Health inspection is done.

«  Fly sheets and fly masks are put on, or blankets taken off in winter months.

«  Fly spray administered.

Our Evening Routine

«  Horses brought in and fed treats to perform another health check. Carrots, apples or
     warm bran mash (in winter months) fed as a small treat.

«  Fly sheets and fly masks removed, or blankets put on in winter months.

Our all inclusive rates:

$375 / month    (PayPal & Credit Cards gladly accepted).
First and last month's board required upon horse's arrival.

Every horse arriving at Paradise Acres needs the following
before being allowed on the property:

«  Current negative Coggins Test (within 12 months).

«  Health certificate and current vaccination list.

«  Properly fitting halter and lead rope.

«  Admissions Form with detailed instructions for your horse’s care.

«  Signed Boarding Agreement.

«  Any medicine or supplements your horse is currently taking, including written
     instructions regarding administration.  Any Rx drugs need to be in their original
     container with a veterinary label.

«  All horses must have shoes removed before, or upon arriving at, Paradise Acres.  Front shoes will be allowed if needed for medical reasons.  Any special shoeing needs will be paid for by owner.

«  Waterproof medium-weight blanket and Fleece liner for layering during colder nights, Rain Sheet, Fly Sheet and Fly Mask.

«  First and last month's board.

    Supplements are provided by the owner on an as-needed basis.  You can order the supplements you want from your favorite vendor and have them shipped to us. 

    Fly masks, medium weight waterproof blankets and fly sheets to be supplied by the owner, or  reimbursed at my  cost, as needed.  Blankets must be waterproof . A separate fleece liner is also recommended so that  we can “layer” appropriately for colder nights.