Welcome to Paradise Acres . . . . a family owned vineyard & orchard

Paradise Acres is nestled in the agriculture domain of NorCal where our dirt is rich and powerful. Located in the Clarksburg AVA Appellation, Paradise Acres is successfully managing a boutique vineyard of premium grapes that has future potential of being award winning.

The amazing Delta Breeze provides just the right air flow through our vineyard and orchard. Combined with a kiss of the Delta sunshine, our grapes and cherries are deep with exquisite flavors.

Over 7,000 acres and 35 varieties of grapes are grown in the Clarksburg AVA.  We are proud to add Sagrantino and Aglianico.

2020 was Paradise Acres introduction into the market with a first year harvest! Our two products are Sagrantino and Aglianico. Both Big, Bold, and Rare reds grown as their own grand wine or as a premium blending grape. Happily, production was larger than expected and allowed additional wine makers the opportunity to produce wine for their own portfolios.

2021 is showing a very good beginning for another harvest season of plenty of grapes.  This will be our second harvest and we are grateful the grapes are responding well to our daily walks through the Paradise Acres avenues.  Our family, both two and four legged, enjoys the conversations with the vines.  It is a significant part of the loving care we offer our vineyard and orchard.

Orders can be placed using the Purchase Here buttons located below.  Continue on to read about each products availability for sale during the 2021 season. Our family looks forward to providing either of these grapes and wish you much fortune on future formulas you create with these amazing grapes!

2021 Paradise Acres - Vineyard - Featured Premium Wine Grapes


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Premium Aglianico Wine Grapes

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