Premium Sagrantino Wine Grapes 2023


Just before harvest, opening the canopy....
…. and let the sun kiss the grapes

Often described as elusive and mysterious, Sagrantino is available by only a handful of producers.  A rare red Italian, it’s recently been noted to contain some of the highest poly phenol (antioxidants) levels of any red wine.  Here at Paradise Acres, we have successfully produced this intensely colored grape.

Sagrantino is a dark and dense Italian red wine.  Its fruit profile ranges from black cherries to ripe blackberry, with many secondary spicy and earthy characteristics.  A certain smokiness is sometimes noted in some examples, while sappy pine flavors have been observed in others.   Sagrantino’s  tannins are more sweet than austere and modern examples can be quite approachable in their youth.  It is typically a wine that is both sweet and savory.

Here at Paradise Acres, Sagrantio has flourished and is ready to meet its maker for a grand wine or a product to blend. Either way, it can be award winning.  Just ask the vines!

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2022 grow season is officially closed. The final harvest is finished, we are SOLD OUT. Our avenue walk this week will make sure our vines know we are thankful for their productions and will return soon to prune for 2023. The Sagrantino grapes were seriously fine.

As we look forward to 2023 with excitement and satisfaction that our boutique vineyard is indeed Paradise. There is no better joy than seeing the fruit from our labor prosper at Paradise Acres. January will open our 2023 Season. We recommend you purchase early. Place your order by using the Purchase Here buttons located below. Continue on through the site to place your orders. Our family looks forward to providing either of our reds and wish you much fortune on future formulas you create with our amazing grapes!

The more you buy, the less you pay! Purchases are time stamped and filled in the order received until every last grape is sold. We are estimating 4,000 – 5,000 lbs. So order up, pick your harvest date, and send your bins on over. Our family looks forward to filling those bins and wishes you much fortune in the wines you make with our grapes. Cheers to 2023!

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Level 1 – Sagrantino Purchase – Order in 2,000 lb increments, Level 2 – Sagrantino Per Pound (1,000 – 1,999), Level 3 – Sagrantino Per Pound (500 – 999), Level 4 – Sagrantino Per Pound (200 – 499)